Could Video Games Teach Us to be Musicians?

With all the musical titles available on all games consoles, it is likely that you’ve given music a go through the medium of video games, be it from uncoordinatedly failing on Guitar Hero to a very out of tune rendition of your favourite song on Singstar. Although... read more

11 Ways To Be A Happier Musician Person

As artists we are constantly evaluating ourselves…and others. In order to succeed we make many sacrifices such as financial, social, emotional, or physical. I don’t believe in the “tortured artist”. Being an artist can be a hard life, but it doesn’t have to be. If you... read more
6 Social Media Tips for Entertainers

6 Social Media Tips for Entertainers

Although some businesses are still trying to figure out the value of building a fan base on social media, many entertainers have long understood that attracting a vibrant community of fans is critical to their success. Perhaps this is why entertainers were among the... read more
7 Things Every Opening Act Should Do

7 Things Every Opening Act Should Do

By indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz). Dear opening act. Dear support act. Your job is more than just open and support. I learned a couple things this past Channukah while I was on tour with Matisyahu. The things is, I think lots of acts go out on tour but not... read more

Can’t Buy Me ‘Likes’

I’ve become very fond of Craigslist. Searching for players, gigs, and gear, somewhere between my first cup of coffee and a cleaner pair of underwear, I feel like I’m going to need a pair of bunny slippers and a robe this winter in order to fully realize my out of work... read more

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