How to Sync Your Music Business

Music professionals are at a strange crossroads. On one hand, it’s easier than ever to make music with great sound quality, so there’s more competition than ever. On the other hand, the number of opportunities to make money through music is at an all-time high.... read more
Youtube For Musicians: The Advanced Guide!

Youtube For Musicians: The Advanced Guide!

So I’m sure you know Youtube can be a powerful tool for getting your music out there. Furthermore, you’ve probably already read a few ‘how to’ type guides on the subject, and have a good base knowledge of how the site works. But how do you go from gradually building... read more

Top 10 Strategies for Indie Musicians

One of the best ways to grow is to look at what’s worked for other indie musicians and adapt it to your own career. I’ve compiled 10 great strategies with 10 real examples to get you going. A lot of musicians I’ve talked to think they can’t start making strategies to... read more

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