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IndieMusicPlanet.com is an initiative started by the creators of Fame Games Radio, on the wave of recent developments surrounding that unique format. The world of independent music is, frankly, in shambles and unless somebody does something to address the imbalance, we’ll be stuck with repeater-radio and mindless music dominating the airwaves forever – wihtout even being acknowledged by the “presenters” (that’s if you tune in to a station that actually hase them!).

We have nothing against light music. But we have everything against a rigged game – and this is exactly what is going on. Worst of all, however, is that the millions of artists take this lying down. And their fans don’t seem to mind. Golden opportunities are routinely missed as all this mindless injustice is allowed to go on.

And if it at least served somebody. If at least Radio got rich on this or Labels got fat. But not even this applies anymore! Radio and Records are driving the music business into the ground, and Indies don’t have a leader.

We’ve never ran a proper blog before, but it’s probably never too late to start. We hope you will join us and remember that your support and participation in this initiative are essential if you want to see a real change for the better in the world of music. But… if you’d rather just sit at home and moan about the state of the music business today – ignore this blog!

Look around this site and keep checking back daily! We’re adding all sorts of invaluable links here just for you. We also encourage you to take part in the exchange of ideas here and post your comments and articles alongside ours (if editorial standards are met).

Enjoy the site and feel free to give your feedback and share any news you think everyone should know!


Paul Sedkowski, co-founder of Meer Music International and co-creator of Fame Games, has spent most of his life in music.

He’s worked with platinum-selling managers, producers, artists and songwriters.  From long-term partnerships with John Coletta (manager Deep Purple, Whitesnake), Derek Lawrence (producer, Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Hot Chocolate), Rob Davis (Grammy-winning songwriter Mud, Kylie Minogue, Enrique Iglesias, Fragma, Spillers Groovejet), Andy Tumi (Supafly va Fishbowl, Sugababes, Da Funk), Mary-Jane Trokel (director Entertainment Tonight, Solid Gold, Tonight Show), to shorter stints with the likes of Robin Thicke (producer, songwriter, artist), Paul Harris (Grammy-winning dance producer), Dennis Kirkland (director Benny Hill shows),  and more.

Paul’s lifelong passion is to bring back balance to the music industry by giving talented new artists a platform to shine and conquer.

Together with Laura Krier (singer/songwriter, a.k.a. dj crier), he’s formed Fame Games Radio to accomplish just that. The present Indie Music Planet Blog aims to take that mission to the next level!