It is a sad day for freedom and justice indeed.

Artists have an obligation to be social commentators, to raise awareness of their listeners. Particularly in times of great social tension. Arguably, there has never been a time where the need for this role has been more important. This is why I needed to write this today.

Julian Assange, co-founder of WikiLeaks is now in a British jail, the victim of a  smear campaign on a scale rarely matched in history. It’s payback, basically.

Some Background

He reported to the police voluntarily and he even pre-announced (leaked!) that he would do it. This arrest is officially the result of his alleged sexual misconduct in Sweden, where he’s said to have had unprotected sex with two women. In Sweden, a collectivist state like few others, if your condom breaks, as had allegedly happened in this case, your sexual partner can accuse you of… rape! Look it up!

This is precisely what has happened in Assange’s case, except that there are a couple of things to keep in mind: for example, the women only filed their complaints after they found out about one another (with one of the women going on record that Assange was never violent and admitted that this was really just an accident). Or the fact that they didn’t report this until they were “gotten to” (paid off? threattened?) by the frantic US government for whom framing Assange is the best way to do “damage control,” now that semi-official death-threats didn’t go down so well.

All official sources, including the judge and prosecutors in the UK laughably and predictably but nevertheless very firmly denied that the case is politically motivated, in spite of the fact that few – if any – of them could name another case of a mild sexual misconduct (if it even was that much), which has ever resulted in an international man-hunt on anything approaching even a fraction of that scale. This has simply never happened before. If the hunt for Osama had been anything near as aggressive, he’d be a museum-piece by now.

Not politically motivated? My behind!

What WikiLeaks accomplished is simple: they took upon themselves to release information passed to them by whistle-blowers all around the world. Responsibly, I might add. Not just US (as the UK and US media would have you believe) but literally: everywhere. ALL corrupt governments. Is that a bad thing?

Assange is constantly portrayed as being anti-American. He is clearly not. He is just anti-totalitarian.

The official media wouldn’t touch most of this stuff. That’s precisely why a quasi-journalistic organization like WikiLeaks has become just about the only way for a whistle-blower to let everyone know what is happening. And we need to know! If a murderer of your child was hiding behind an “official secret” wouldn’t you want to know the truth and praise whoever leaked it? Would you still at that point believe that the leak was a danger to national security? Even if the leak revealed how unneccessary that death was? And what if it was someone else’s child?

What also needs to be remembered is that WikiLeaks wasn’t – and isn’t – bound by any official secrets act. And neither are you, unless you formally agree to it when sensitive information is imparted to you by a government agency.

The result of the WikiLeaks revelations was predictable and, indeed, has been predicted well in advance by savvy analysts (for example Gerald Celente, the world’s #1 trends forecaster). The US and other governments – and major corporate interests – threatened not only by what has already been released but much more importantly by what may still be released, have acted unlitaterally and decided to “shoot the messenger” in the hope that it will dissuade not only others in the press from giving us real news, but also to intimidate all future whistle-blowers.

Wrong Focus

The mainstream media focus is on WikiLeaks facilitating the dissemination of leaked documents. It is, ostensibly, not on the content of those documents. That’s where the real outrage should be!

It’s our government. We elected it, yes? Did we authorize this and other actions? Did you?

History Teaches Us

They punished Daniel Ellsberg for leaking the “Pentagon Papers” in the early 70’s. But before they jailed him (the only whistle-blower ever jailed in the US – apart from the three Bush-era whistle-blowers who were recently jailed by… Obama), they screamed how many lives his leak will cost. And yet not a single person died as a result of that leak. On the contratry. The leak has saved thousands, perhaps even millions of lives as it made it impossible to continue the war in Vietnam which, as it turned out, was never meant to be won, only fought endlessly.

Scare Tactics & Deception

The current and highly predicable government scare-mongering, uncritically promoted by all the major media, that this type of revelation supposedly has the potential to “kill” innocent people (e.g. soliders or even civilians) is wholly unsubstantiated, historically speaking, and is therefore designed to rile and rally support from useful idiots (i.e. people who don’t read nor care to know the full story and its context). This information does have the potential to harm: but only the government and corporate interests who stand to gain from the deception!

Almost exclusively only this kind of feedback is seen on the websites of all the major US and UK papers, where all the commenters are apparently outraged at WikiLeaks and Assange in particular for being a “traitor” who “deserves” to die (literally). But, tellingly, where the major news organizations publish “dozens” of posts which supposedly reflect the “mood of the people”, the much more numerous alternative news sources on the web publish hundreds and even thousands of posts from REAL people who almost uniformly condemn the heavy-handed and unjust action by the US – and other governments.

What Are They So Afraid Of?

The leaks which are already out there? Nopes. Much of that stuff was already widely known and even published on page 99 of some of the mainstream papers. They’re afraid of the real damaging leaks which can well and truly result in a massive uprising, even by the most credulous of government yes-men (many of whom actually mean well, but remain utterly misinformed!).

If some of the web sources I’ve seen are to be trusted, the upcoming leaks will shed new light on such tragedies as 9/11 or the unimaginable machinations of the Fed (watch G. Edward Griffin’s famous exposé here) and the World Bank – or perhaps even Obama’s mysterious past… The very fabric of our society, as we know it, is at stake if someone blows the lid off of these REAL conspiracies. And they will stop at nothing to smear, belittle and then silence everyone: Assange. WikiLeaks, you, me – everyone. All that, in the name of national security and “for your own good,” of course.

The Way Of The World

We all know we’re being manipulated daily by the powers that be. It’s part and parcel of today’s collectivist life. We’re never told the whole truth about anything and we’re treated like idiots who can’t read, research or think for themselves. Even the best educated among us easily fall victims to misinformation – even about trivial matters. After all we can’t research “everything” so we tend to trust at least a part of what the media tells us. When is the last time you checked the real facts behind, say, the anti-smoking campaigns which are used to justify one of the heaviest taxes ever levied on a consenting public – not to mention being a perfect population control test case. (Have a read through artist Joe Jackson’s views on this).

The problem is, that by now we’re used to this state of affairs. Few among us, even those who fervently oppose this rampant collectivist agenda, actually DO something about it. Times are hard enough as it is.

Thanks to the free-flow of information on the web, however, it is now easier than ever in history to become informed – about everything. With a little patience, practice, perseverance and critical thinking you will soon know how to tell genuine information from disinformation or the lunatic fringe.

We now thus know about the abuses of those in power throughout history. False flag operations, assassinations, manipulations of public perception, government-backed profiteering. Nothing’s changed. The same people are in control as always. Only the names and party affiliations change, but the agenda and methods remain the same.

Political correctness has replaced honesty and logical thinking and has become a favored tool of mass control and manipulation of our perceptions. It’s been like that for years and years now. This way it’s easy to cover up the counterfit money that the Fed produces at will, the war crimes that our leaders perpetrate for all the wrong reasons, the ever-widening gap between the haves and have-nots and the rapidly-shrinking middle class. And the increasing drive towards Fascism (marriage of corporations and state) all around the world.

They Trample Our Rights – With Our Approval

The biggest problem for ordinary people – like us – is the subtlety which underlies this entire state of affairs. You’ll often hear “conspiracy theories” about “them”, about some grey eminences controlling the world, hey even the reptilian aliens! LOL. Joking aside, more and more people now believe in a shadow government behind the official government (be it in the US, UK – or anywhere in the world), and they’re even convinced they know who’s in it: the banks (especially the Fed), Wall Street, the biggest multinational corporations, the army, corrupt politicians, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, and the list goes on. And while there is a lot to be said for being highly suspicious of these special interests, everyone overlooks the BIGGEST culprit of them all. Ourselves. That includes you and me. We’ve all agreed to this, if only by simple inaction!

And we are the ones who now stand idly by and do nothing.

But, to be even more precise, the real culprit here is the “middle management” level within our society. The grey clerks who mindlessly carry out orders. The mid-level government officials and community leaders who do as they’re told and tow the official line – and self-righteously belittle anyone who has a mind of their own.

The brainwashed – or is it ultra-corrput? – news organizations with their thug journalists are perhaps the only layer which any “powers that be” need to actively grease. The rest takes care of itself, guided by the well-meaning, but naïve (and almost invariably self-righteous) useful idiots who exist on every level of our society.

Some think of the “uneducated masses” as being at the root of our woes. This is utterly and perversely wrong. They are largely harmless and they are controlled by their community leaders, who, in turn, are controlled by their leaders – and so it goes throughout the entire holier-than-thou “middle management” level. It’s a perfect system. Most of the actors on this stage are unaware of the tragic consequences of their daily actions (they honestly believe they’re right), and of their “useful idiot” roles – and of the doom they’re guaranteeing for our children by blindly playing along with the politics of fear.

It may be appropriate to remind you of a famous statement by Pastor Martin Niemöller about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power. “They came first for the communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up…

Next time your condom breaks… an international man-hunt will ensue.

As artists, you have the responsibility to bring awareness of this “new McCarthyism for the world” to everyone you know. Do it before the new internet regulations are implemented. If they go through, it’ll be back to stone age for all of us.

Start by demanding THE RELEASE OF JULIAN ASSANGE! But do NOT stop there…

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