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Cablegate Blues

It is a sad day for freedom and justice indeed. Artists have an obligation to be social commentators, to raise...

Cablegate Blues
posted on: Dec 8, 2010 | author: PS

What Labels Need To Hear and Artists ...

Recently I spoke to an artist who's signed to a small label which hasn't yet exercised its option to release him... after more than three years! Some might cynically say that it's a case of a little label acting like a major label! Others might argue that little labels only have very little cash and can't take chances lightly.

What Labels Need To Hear and Artists Want to Say
posted on: Sep 27, 2010 | author: PS

How Soon ‘Not Now’ Become...

Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe I'm just a different species. Or maybe I'm not "enough of an artist" to agree. Here's the deal. I spoke to some artists about a few relatively easy ways to boost their careers, using the internet and all I got was stuff like "man, I hate sitting in front of the computer" or "doing all that work would totally suck all my creative juices" and other such - excuses...?

How Soon ‘Not Now’ Becomes ‘Never?’
posted on: Sep 21, 2010 | author: PS

You And Your Apathy

Why is it that you prefer sitting on our butt, passively observing - and never taking action? Even if whatever it is happens to be very important to you?

You And Your Apathy
posted on: Sep 6, 2010 | author: PS

Over Simon Cowell’s Dead Body

When I saw the post on Facebook today that Chris Cleveland of Stars Go Dim is considering taking part in American Idol and is asking everyone's opinion, I froze. For like three seconds.

Over Simon Cowell’s Dead Body
posted on: Aug 3, 2010 | author: PS

Never Mind The Styles (Or: What Is Ar...

What's with all those genres? Country, hip-hop, rock, folk, etc... New artists often define their songs in those terms. "This is a country-style tune" they might say. And then you listen to it and discover that it sounds nothing like what YOU think of as "country." The world is full of hybrid songs which don't really belong in any clear box or category.

Never Mind The Styles (Or: What Is Art?)
posted on: May 19, 2010 | author: PS

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