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Should You Sign A 360 Deal?

We couldn’t answer this question any better than Peter Malkin did. He’s fast becoming one of our big...

posted on: Nov 15, 2010 | author: PS

Trendy Radio Format: Listener Repelle...

Some things are just pointless. Like - you can wear sunglasses at night, or have a radio but never listen to it. Or you can have a radio station which plays music that's already been played to death, and then to top it off - have a DJ talk once every few songs and say nothing at all.

Trendy Radio Format: Listener Repellent
posted on: Sep 9, 2010 | author: PS

Starless and Bible Black

Okay. So we got talked into it. Laura and I went to see a big X-Factor concert, featuring the 2009 winner Alexandra Burke and one of the runner-ups Jamie Archer along with the most recent Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity, the dance group. The line-up was rounded off by a host of other lesser-known acts, among them a new girl group called The Scarletz. For those of you who don't know, X-Factor is for the Brits what American Idol is for Americans.

Starless and Bible Black
posted on: Aug 22, 2010 | author: PS

Swimming Against The Tide

The world of corporate music and radio is a frustrating one. For one thing, it's got absolutely nothing to do with "music" or "radio." It's all about the bottom line, supporting data, and business drivers.

Swimming Against The Tide
posted on: Apr 13, 2010 | author: PS

If The People Lead – The Leaders Will...

A batallion of soldiers, all dug into their trenches, finding a measure of comfort in their relative safety. Now, here you are, another soldier just like them, but you notice something nobody else did. You notice that they’ve dug their trenches on the wrong side of the battlefield! So you call out to them. A bit late now, granted, but better late than never, you think. "Dudes! We gotta get outta there and dig them trenches right here where I am, okay? We're dug in the wrong place!"

If The People Lead – The Leaders Will Follow
posted on: Apr 6, 2010 | author: PS

The Oldest Excuse In The Book

Rant time. ;) Let's face it. We've all been guilty of this at one point or another: coming up with excuses why our music isn't as good as it should be. "I did it all in one take," "I had no time to spend on making it better," "I was very ill at the time," and the most prevalent of them all "I don't have the money to make it sound good!"

The Oldest Excuse In The Book
posted on: Mar 31, 2010 | author: PS