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How To Collaborate With Other Songwri...

There's no question in my mind that songwriting collaborations can mean all the difference between one's eventual success of failure in the music world. Some of the biggest songwriters in the world are - almost with no exception - great collaborators. A case for working together with some is easily made: fresh vibes, unexpected ideas, synergy, extended contacts - and potentially a lot of fun! There is, however, also a potentially messy flip side in this.

How To Collaborate With Other Songwriters
posted on: Oct 7, 2010 | author: PS

Improving Your Songwriting Skills

Let's face it - songwriting is not just an artform. It's also a craft. If it wasn't - a monkey could do it. Many artists visiting Fame Games are already excellent songwriters, but others only show potential which is yet to be fulfilled.

Improving Your Songwriting Skills
posted on: Jul 19, 2010 | author: PS

Make Your Lyrics Count

If your first reaction is "what business does a producer have poking his nose into my lyrics?", then you're not alone. Many artists don't realize that whether they themselves are the producer or whether they get someone else to do it, the name of the game is getting the product right. And that includes the lyrics if we're talking about a song.

Make Your Lyrics Count
posted on: Mar 1, 2010 | author: PS

Develop Your Hooks, or: If a Song is ...

Another more general topic today, but also one which is tremendously powerful in its simplicity. Pop music is all about hooks. But, if truth be told, it's not just "pop" music. Just about "any" kind of music, to be widely accepted or respected must be able to "hook" its target audience. Mozart wasn't above "hooky music" either! Quite the contrary.

Develop Your Hooks, or: If a Song is Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well
posted on: Nov 23, 2009 | author: PS