Start 2011 With a Big Bang!

eworld music awardsHow would you like to take part in this year’s most important Hollywood-based event for international indie artists?

How would you like to have the next big breakthrough song?


From the team who brought you the original Hollywood Music Awards, this is the one critical opportunity you’ll have to gain industry recognition and fast-track your indie career, not to mention winning a variety of excellent prizes, not the least of which is a featured song soundtrack spot in an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster from the producers of “Twilight”…!

All styles are welcome, and artists from around the world can compete.

But know this: time is short. You only have DAYS left to submit your best songs to eWorld’s Independent Music Awards. You need to act NOW.


If you enter “Fame Games” in the COMMENTS field in each of your song submissions on the eWorld site, we will send you a %10 refund to your PayPal account as soon as the fee has been processed!

But there’s more…

Make sure you also download and install eWorld’s BOOMERANG player. Not only will this excellent plugin allow you to watch blockbuster movies and network TV shows, but also listen to music and… get this: your fans and supporters will be able to use it to vote for you in the eWorld Independent Music Awards!

Click on the email below to download the app – and pass the link to ALL YOUR FANS & SUPPORTERS!

We recommend eWorld Music Awards to all the Fame Games artists!


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