We would like to wish all our friends and supporters all the very best for this Christmas and the New Year 2011!

Oh and were DOING IT AGAIN!

We thought a little something to take away with you wouldn’t go amiss! :) So here it is then, a small selection of excellent eBooks and special reports, just for you – free!




By Seth Godin

Pages: 197

The Word Of Mouth Manual

By Dave Balter

Pages: 119

Killer Internet Marketing

By Shelley Lowery

Pages: 70


14 Tips For Better Music Website

By Bards Mark Gunn

Pages: 3

Advice For Audio Professionals

By Alex Watson

Pages: 17

The Easy Way To Book Your Gigs

By theindiemusician.com

Pages: 22

Poor Richard’s Top 100 Tips For Doing Business Online

By Peter Kent et al.

Pages: 31

Unforgettable Business Cards

By Chris Bruner et al.

Pages: 35

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