promoting bandsAs an artist management company or a record label, a major task for you will be to connect your stable of musicians and groups with listeners and concert-goers. Here are potential methods to detail in your business plan’s marketing section:

Concerts and Tours

Write not just that you will use concerts and tours as additional promotion, or a revenue stream in and of themselves, but how you will do so. You may want to create a system whereby more established groups or artists headline concerts while your developing artists open. Also consider how you will learn about pockets of interest in cities or areas which can present opportunities to throw together a concert to further build on momentum in a community.

Fan Connection

Fan clubs, organized through mail newsletters, were the method of choice to connect with music fans in the past, whether these were organized by the fans themselves or a direct extension of the record label or management company’s work. These days, websites, and especially social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook, are the primary ways for fans to connect with each other, organize events, and share information about their favorite groups and music. Whether fan groups organize spontaneously or your business helps them along, describe how you will maintain relations with the fan groups, build their connection by offering promotions and perks, and use their energy to build revenues from the grassroots level. Don’t write off marketing to fans as “preaching to the converted” since a fan base must be carefully tended over time.

Music Videos

Whether they make their way onto TV or are available only on Youtube or other video sites, music videos can attract new listeners who haven’t had the opportunity to see the group in concert. Though potentially expensive to produce, music videos can promote both live concerts and recordings, leading to revenues in one or both categories down the road.

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